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Create The Look And Feel of Elegance With a White Limestone Fireplace Surround in Greenwich, Connecticut

Limestone fireplace surrounds have to be kept white and clean at all times if you wish to maintain the elegance of your house. The porous nature of the limestone gives it the ability to absorb stains and pick out dirt particles frequently. This means it can lose its whiteness within a short period of time unless you take care to clean it frequently using tools that won’t harm the surface in any way.

 white limestone fireplace surround

If you have a lime stone kitchen, you need to be even more careful to make sure that all the soot is cleaned off promptly. There is no better way of keeping the limestone surface clean than through cleaning it regularly. The limestone mantel with TV on top surface needs to be cleaned with the vacuum first as long as the temperature or heat is controlled. This needs to be done gently on the limestone surface.

A stone cleaner can be used to keep the limestone mantel with over mantel in good condition. You need to check that its pH is neutral to the limestone surface you wish to clean lest it creates further damages. Visit any home improvement store to purchase a stone cleaner and if you don’t know how to check its pH level, ask any customer care representative you meet at the shop.

If there are hard stains on the French limestone hood surface, look for a grout and stone cleaner to help you with the cleaning. Always endeavor to use the cleaner as instructed on the wrap or label. Apply it on a sponge or clean rag before you start to clean the limestone surface. The stone and grout cleaner are better off left on the surface for several hours but only if it says so on the label.

These measures work whether you are in Massachusetts, Maryland or Washington D.C. As long as your desire is to clean the limestone surfaces, use these steps and maintain the elegance of your house.

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