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Custom Limestone Fireplace Mantel in Rhode Island Mansions

Limestone is one if the most valuable and precious stones that have been in use for a long duration mainly for enhancing the décor of mansions. French limestone is one type that is mainly used to decorate fireplaces in Rhode Island and a large number of mansions in this region are luxuriuous and valuable. There are many designs of mantels that you can go for and limestone fireplace surround is one design that you should choose. This is mainly because it will give your house warmth and also incomparable aesthetic grandeur and so this will also increase the value of your mansion in case you want to sell it.

custom limestone fireplace mantel

The Breakers Great Hall Limestonefireplace

To enhance the look of your fireplace, you can also choose limestone mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room. This design will definitely transform the look of the fireplace and this will be possible without spend a ton of your money and at little efforts. A gothic design fireplace mantel will also look good on your fireplace if it is enhanced with limestone on the sides. Fireplace is an important part of your home as it is the place where you and you family usually spend time after dinner or when you want to relax and share great moments. And so, you should get the best limestone mantel piece that will make it more attractive and warmer.

Regardless of the value of your mansion, you need to improve the look of your fireplace with the best French design mantel in french chateau that will also suit your lifestyle. If you prefer the Spanish cream marfil marble mantel , you can also enhance it with a touch of cream color Marble to make it more unique and appealing. Therefore, if you live in Beverly Hills, Long island, Florida, California, Los Angeles, Toronto or Chicago, you will also come across mantel designs like the two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel especially, if you will visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc. This is a great company that will offer you high quality and affordable limestone mantels. And so, you can call 1-888-272-0630 and will you will have them delivered in your homestead within a few hours.

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