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Enhance Your Fireplace Mantle With A Marble Medallion

In the past, before the invention of electricity, fireplace was the ultimate thing for keeping the house warm. This is where all the cooking was done. In the evenings, people could gather around the fireplace to tell stories as food cooked. With time, fireplace has been adapted to the living room. It is something that shows status. You will find elaborate and amazing fireplace mantle in the homes of the rich. The kind of marble inserts that have been used here have dazzling designs. This makes the house look appealing.

fireplace mantle

Even though it is modern days where many people don’t need fireplace, still many think that it is a good way of keeping the house a notch higher when it comes to aesthetics. Most houses have fireplaces as a way of decorating the home. It is a way through which you can show off and display your tastes. If you want to make the most out of your fireplace mantle, you should balance the area. You want to have a fireplace that will catch the eyes of the visitors. You can add mirrors in order to make your fireplace look elegant.

A fireplace mantle is a place that was traditionally used to place candles. People could place their candles here before going to sleep. If you have a fireplace, you can place candles here to light up the house. The key is to have the candles be in a balanced manner. There are a number of decorative objects that you can use on your fireplace. For a festive and rustic look, ensure the decorative objects you use match with marble floor design. You can add a few photos on the fireplace in order to make the place look appealing. When you are in the market to buy decorative features, ensure you pick the best.

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