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Tips For Selecting The Best French Louis Fireplace Mantel Design in Rolling Hills, California

When you are shopping around for French rococo fireplace mantel design in renowned places such as Indiana, Dallas, Miami and Montana, you are likely to get overwhelmed by the wide range of options available. However, here are some simple considerations that will help you to identify the best Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design.

french louis fireplace mantel


The plinths are integrated in the fireplace mantels to help in elevating the shelves when the surfaces require to be adjusted. Each of the legs of the mantel is supported using a plinth in order to enhance the stability of the unit.


Choose Calacatta marble fireplace mantel in master suite that can be easily assembled, or that is already for mounting. There is a wide range of manufacturers designing fireplace shelves that can be assembled following straightforward instructions.


There are numerous finishes you can choose from like mission oak, cherry, medium distressed oak, fruitwood, French country and cherry distressed. There are also primed and unfinished firewood mantels that you can stain to your liking. Whether you want an antique marble mantel or modern fireplace mantel design, there are plenty of options to complement you styles.

Customized mantels

In case you want custom marble fireplace mantel in Connecticut mansion, order mantels that come with unfinished stones. This will give you an opportunity to paint the stone using your favorite colors that would suit your requirements. Remember to use a primer on the surface before staining it.


Your budget would also play an essential role in determining the kind of unit you will choose from. There are mantels that range from a few hundred dollars to others that might require thousands to purchase them. Put due diligence to help you get a dealer with units that are within your budget. It is advisable to start shopping for your intended products online.

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