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Tips on How to Properly Decorate an Indiana Limestone Fireplace

There are various ways in which you can decorate your fireplace in Manhattan, N.Y., Montana, Massachusetts, Bel Air and Holmby Hills.  Some of the Indiana limestone fireplaces in these places have chimney walls that are protruding while others do not. If your chimney does not have protruding walls, there are two routes that you need to follow. One of them is creating chimney wall visual presence through the systematic placing of collection of paintings such as cultural piece or large mirror on the wall that is above it so that you can define the space.  You can in the alternative dress up the entire wall so that you can get dramatic effect that features accent color.

indiana limestone fireplace

You can also use adventurous wallpaper. This can be done with respect to Italian design marble mantel in Florida mansions, antique marble fireplace mantel in Manhattan New York, custom fireplace mantel in 20ft ceiling high in Huston Texas, Indiana limestone fireplace mantel in Rhode Island mansions, and custom Marble fireplace mantel in Connecticut mansions. If you have chimney wall that has material finish that is beautifully textured, this should be the main focus and you should go minimal up top.

You can perhaps add some other things on the mantel such as tea light candles or single candelabra on hearth for interest that is added.  If  the décor of your room is more of casual than traditional, it is recommended and advised that you should get creative on the mantel for instance by use of sensible and reasonable collection of items that are of various sizes or shapes  provided  there is thread that is common. You need to have the items layered out well but ensure that they are spaced collectively so as to avoid cluttering.  If you do not have a mantel and you seriously and truly need one.

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